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We know the financial sector very well, and we are fully involved in it. Our lawyers provide support for adequate decision-making in all critical areas of the business (managerial, operational, regulatory compliance, audits, commercial).

Our Essence

In view of the complex financial and insurance regulations, entities are required to manage their business plan effectively. Our support seeks to accompany their decision-making enabling our clients to transcend successfully.


Being a “boutique” firm for the financial and insurance industry implies a synergy of the sectorial experiences of the founding partners for the financial industry. The purpose is to meet at a single place the legal and regulatory needs of the entities individually considered, as well as those of financial groups and conglomerates.


Complementary services

As a complement to our professional offer, we also provide legal support in the attention of claims, litigation and administrative sanctioning proceedings and in the analysis of the regulatory warnings made by supervisors in connection with the operations of the various sectors.



To provide the best legal solution that meets the needs of our clients from a technical and strategic point of view.



To be recognized by the financial and insurance industry as the specialized law firm that best resolves the most complex regulatory and transactional issues.

We observe the specialized sectorial regulation and the one that has a cross-sectional impact on all sectors of this industry: corporate governance, money laundering and compliance offices; internal audits; trade union relationships and relationships before the respective regulatory offices; as well as support in business development, giving advice to clients on business and financial transactions.

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Financial, banking, security and insurance law, public and well as private.
To entities supervised by SUGEF, SUGEVAL, SUPEN and SUGESE:

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